It’s an unusual horror story. In most horror stories, you are flying over the narrative landscape and it’s a pleasant ride and often an unforgettable story. But with “They Only Come Out at Night”, the plain slowly veers off course and by the time you land and disembark, you realize you are in a hostile territory; a territory hostile to what you believed is right about the world. The ones you once had sympathy for, you no longer have sympathy for and you start questioning the nature of evil. One other thing I liked about this story is the hyper-realism of the detail and malevolence.

Jonathan Brakarsh

The Situation by Donna Kirstein presents the state of Zimbabwe as seen from different perspectives, except that they converge into hope and a new beginning…Written in a very poetic voice, this story is one of the most interesting in the collection.

Nana Fredua-Agyeman